1039 – Jean Charcot; Edouard Mérite; Camille d’ Hoedt; Victor Lhuer; Maison de fourrures “à la Reine d’Angleterre.”

Very rare catalog in good condition.
Edition 1921
size: 21 x 25 cm, 32 pages.
A Siberian-themed publicity album from a Parisian furrier with an eclectic selection of contributions: an essay by Jean Charcot, the explorer, about some of his voyages; various descriptions of furred animals by C. d'Hoedt; illustrations by V. Lhuer of fashions using furs, some set against ethnic Samoyed costumes; a reproduction of 2 watercolors by Edouard Mérite, showing the after-effects of fur expeditions on polar bears and seals; an Eskimo song about hunting, taken from the "Report of the Bureau of Ethnology". All pages and cover are illustrated with hunt-themed borders by Lhuer; all illustrations, and possibly the "handwritten" text, were created through stencil work and probably printed by lithograph. The binding is of animal skin (vellum?) with a cover illustration of scenes from ethnic Siberian life within a stylized border, and an illustration on the lower cover of a Samoyed dance mask, both by Lhuer. Bound in sealhide stitching with an incised bone medallion tied to the end of the stitching. Album contents are of thick paper, designed to appear like vellum

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